💡What we do

Purple Protocol

We're a identity backed solution that allows for compliance norms to be met without compromising on web3 principles of privacy and pseudonymity.

PurpleID allows for creation of KYC/ KYB records that are verified and the reusable verifiable zk credentials are then put on chain.

dApps across all chains will be able to create their own schemas for KYC/KYB, set risk guidelines, and allow users and merchants to transact in a compliant manner.

PurplePay Merchant Platform

Purple Pay Merchant is a crypto commerce platform, built over our permission-less protocol, that allows merchants and individuals to seamlessly receive crypto payments.

Purple Pay Merchant provides payment rails that can be integrated directly into merchant workflows. We allow customers to scan and pay using any wallet into a secure and non-custodial wallet. We do this in a way that is secure, cheap, fast, and most importantly compliant without compromising on privacy.

Video overview

Got 5 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:

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